Biotherapeutic Drainage is a unique philosophy and methodology of healing that has been used in Europe for over 100 years and brought to the U.S. only in the last 15 years. Biotherapeutic Drainage synergistically combines the philosophies of Anthroposophy, Chinese Medicine and homeopathy to produce highly effective, deep healing remedies.

The remedies called UNDA Numbers are plant and mineral based preparations that increase the body’s biotransformation processes and elimination of metabolic by-products which are often toxic for the body. If these substances are not metabolized properly, they may inhibit healthy function and contribute to chronic disease.

Think of your gardening project when your garden is full of weeds. The first step is to remove the weeds. If instead, you first fertilize, plant your flowers and start watering them, you will have more weeds and you will need a lot of extra work to get rid of them. In the same way, we need to rid the body of toxic residues before we can begin to rebuild damaged organs or tissues for deep and lasting healing.

In this modern world, we are confronted with toxicity from countless sources.  Our bodies create toxic by-products of metabolism due to stress, poor nutrition and inadequate elimination. We live in a time of unprecedented environmental toxicity. Individuals are faced with toxins in the environment (air, water), food (pesticides, hormones, antibiotics), chronic stress, medications and poor lifestyle choices (alcohol, cigarettes, fast food). Some people are better equipped to deal with this toxic load than others.

The UNDA Numbers are homeopathically prepared as low potency combinations of plant and metal remedies in a liquid solution. Each plant has an affinity for an organ system, causing a specific action in the body, and each metal has an energetic role that catalyzes the reaction. The ingredients of the formulation interact with each other to make a complete remedy. Taking each ingredient on its own would have a very different reaction in the body than taking the formulated UNDA remedy. Drainage is an elegant and gentle way to cleanse and rebalance the body systems.

Mind / Body Medicine focuses on the way our brain, mind, body and behavior interact, and it examines the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual and behavioral factors affect health.

For example, it has been shown that children are affected by stress as much as adults. Even infants can sense high stress levels in their caretakers. Stress can also have an impact on children’s immune functions, making them more prone to illnesses such as colds and ear infections. Children with chronic illnesses may present more exacerbations of their illness when they face increased environmental stress levels.

Mind/body medicine can be used to treat many health conditions and chronic problems. The mind affects each facet of our lives, so the majority of diseases can benefit from mind/body interventions as complementary therapies.

View the video below to hear one of my mentors, Dr Dickson Thom, explaining the concept of ‘Dis-ease’.

Information about botanical medicine and life style counseling coming soon…